Museum, heritage and visitor centre designers.

Creating engaging experiences throughout the UK.

Museum redevelopment

We work with museums across the country to explore, developed and clarify a strong vision and concept for their potential redevelopment.

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Heritage interpretation

We work at heritage sites, country parks, and visitor attractions across the country to improve the visitor experience with engaging interpretation.

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Exhibitions & displays

We work with corporate clients and brands to develop and implement visitor centre and exhibition concepts that are grounded with a strong interpretive strategy and engage effectively with your visitors.

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I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say a huge congratulations and massive thank you for the amazing job you have done on the Discovery Centre...

Alex O Alexandra O’Dwyer Vice Chair, Jurassic Coast Team

The CCT West Regional Management Team are very impressed by the interpretation and the quality of your work and production. Lots of good comments and everyone had a thing they liked especially. The visitors’ book is also full of praise from both locals and international tourists. The Regional Director says it is the best set of comments in a CCT visitor book that he has ever seen.

This was our first visit back to the museum since the extensive renovations and it was an absolute delight... There was the perfect balance of high-quality digital visuals that breathed life into the displays without making it feel too techy

Visitor feedback

Our approach

Smith and Jones Design Consultants are interpretation and design specialists. We help museums, visitor centres and family attractions enhance their visitor experience with carefully thought out interpretation, communication and inspirational design.


Getting to know you

We take the time to get to know our clients, spend time with them, find out who they are, what they are passionate about, what they love, what they think is important, what they think visitors need to know. We will then be in a strong position to develop interpretation that is relevant, targeted and unique.

Submersing ourselves in your content and themes

In order that we can develop the overall vision and concept for a project, as designers and interpretive planners we fully submerge ourselves in your content and themes, be it local heritage, boat building, technology, people, wildlife, geology, or social history. Only once we have a full understanding of your own unique story will we be in a suitable position to develop the interpretive plan and design concept for the project.

Content is key

Our approach puts content at the forefront of the visitor experience. Generally visitors should be connecting and focussing on your own unique content, bit it objects, stories, imagery or film. We don’t want visitors getting distracted by over the top ‘whizzy’ designs if they then fail to connect with your content, themes and stories.

Your own unique character

No where else has your own unique character. Your site and stories are completely unique! Our work exploits this, creating a truly customised approach that brings your unique stories alive for visitors. Our work involves developing interpretation and designs that are balanced carefully with the character and environment of each location where we work.

Design and manage, or design and build

Dependent on the size of a project, we can work on a design and manage of design and build basis. We are experienced at managing complex Heritage Funded museum and exhibition projects and often work closely with other consultants to successfully deliver a project.

We have the skills and experience in house to manage projects from the initial vision, right through to the finished final scheme.

A personal approach

We pride ourselves on our ability to create an open, honest, and friendly working atmosphere. We form strong relationships with our clients and aim to ‘work with you’ rather than ‘work for you’. We believe that this will help create the right atmosphere for developing a project that you are comfortable with and ultimately that visitors will find engaging, informative and unique