Heritage interpretation

We undertake historical research together with content and theme development so we can prepare concise, targeted and engaging interpretation strategies.


Interpretation planners

Smith and Jones are interpretive signage designers with experience of working in a wide range of environments, from country parks and natural landscape to urban and industrial settings. We produce interpretive plans of whole sites and attractions, ensuring consideration is given to the visitor experience and interpretive themes and messages are presented in the corr...

“Thank you so much for delivering such an excellent interpretation facility at the Mill. Your creativity and hard work have given us something we are very proud of and our visitors love.”

Charles Pinchbeck - Chairman, Heckington Windmill Trust
Learn more about Smith & Jones' work with Heckington Windmill


Country park interpretation

Smith and Jones are interpretation planners and exhibition designers and are used to working in a historic country park setting. Our country park interpretation work often spans internal and external spaces, from visitor centres or exhibition and display to external interpretive signage and trails. Our work respects the surrounding environment and ...

Interpretive signage designers

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Heritage interpretation designers

Smith and Jones are heritage interpretive designers with a unique approach to bringing to life the unique story of a heritage site or attraction. The sorts of heritage attractions we might work at are diverse and wide ranging including windmills, guildhalls, roman ruins, ligththouses, industrial sites, country parks, castles and churches. Working a...