National Oceanography Centre

Museum redevelopment

Smith and Jones worked as exhibition and display designers for The National Oceanography Centre in Southampton. We were thrilled to be involved in this fascinating project and work with their fantastic team.

The purpose of the project was to improve the visitor experience in the reception area, and ensure that visitors gained an understanding of the work that the National Oceanography Centre undertakes around the world.

Initially we undertook extensive research and sessions with the NOC team so we could understand exactly what they do and to select key messages and  themes to focus on.

We then developed a concept which visually transformed the previously bland reception area and ensured a clarity of message to different types of visitors.

Large format imagery was installed, creating scale and impact, with separate layered panels with graphic content. Digital technology was used to show films and imagery helped waiting visitors to explore the content in more detail.


National Oceanography Centre exhibition centre redesign by Smith & Jones interactive graphics